Looking for a Debt Settlement Company?

When you are looking for a Debt Settlement Company in Oregon, be careful!


Not all Debt Settlement Companies are the same.  

What are the characteristics of a professional, reputable Debt Settlement Company?


Because of a few bad apples, all debt settlement companies have been forced to meet very stringent standards and qualifications.  

I do not necessarily agree with all of the rules and restrictions, but I understand.

Here in Oregon, any debt settlement company must be registered as a Debt Management Company

If not, then you need to keep looking!  Failure to do your homework and due diligence could end up costing you thousands of dollars!


The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a For-Profit Organization that ranks or scores companies.  

Companies that receive complaints due to unprofessional business practices or government sanctions or fines will receive a poor grade.

Companies that are proud of their business and have a very good record of customer service can choose to apply for "Accredidation" by the BBB.  


A reputable debt settlement company will not only offer to discuss your situation for FREE, but will help you explore all of your options before making a decision.

If they representative pressures you into "signing up" immediately, beware!

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Let's face it, dealing with debt problems is stressful!  

The debt settlement company you deal with should have ONE AGENT or REPRESENTATIVE assigned to you and each time you call, you can speak with the same representative.

You should feel comfortable that the representative is understanding and sympathetic with your personal situation.

If you call or email your representative, do you get a reply or return call in a reasonable time?  If not...BEWARE!


It should be "given", but if a company is doing a good job for it's customers, then the customers should give a recommendation or referral!

For example:

What our customers have to say...

6.  What about RESULTS?

Its one thing to make claims about what you can do, but another to show results!

A good debt settlement company should be able to help you by not only negotiating settlements for less than the account balance, but they should also be able to help in areas such as:


Looking for a good/great Debt Management/Settlement Company can be a little frustrating, but well worth your time.

Take your time....

                       Do your homework....

                                               Let us know if we can help!












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