How to Stop Debt Collector Calls

Stop collection callsNeed help putting a stop to collection calls?  Try this:

Although it is OK and may be advisable to speak with the collector at least once, don't forget that these are trained professionals whose only job is to get money out of you!

Briefly explain your circumstances, but don't be surprised when they seem like they don't care...THEY DON'T!

Ask the collector for a mailing address or fax number.  You probably won't get it as they know you are going to mail or fax a written request for them to stop calling.

According to the FDCPA, once you have mailed or faxed such a letter, they collector may only contact you one more time or they are in violation of Federal laws from the FTC.

In the letter, simply state that at this time, financial circumstances beyond your control make it impossible to pay anything on this debt.

It is also a good idea to state that if things do not improve, you are going to seek bankruptcy protection from creditors.

Make a copy of the letter for your records and mail or fax. 

Although it will cost a little, it is better to send the letter by registered mail so that you have proof that it was received.

As long as your account is still with the original creditor (Visa, Master Card, Citi, etc.) it may take a few weeks for the creditor to process and as a result, you may still get calls.

The best advice is to ignore the calls. 

If you have caller ID (and if you don't, you need to get it), don't answer any calls from callers you don't know.

If you can turn your ringer off and let all calls go to voice mail, then you can screen your calls. DO NOT RETURN ANY CALLS TO A COLLCECTOR, REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY SAY!

If you would like more information on how to stop collector calls, request  the FREE GUIDE.

Stop collection calls 

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