Frequently Asked Questions
Can I negotiate my debt on my own?

Although you could certainly try to negotiate a settlement on your own, it is not that easy. Debt Collectors are trained (often working on commission) to get you to pay as much as possible! . We have been dealing with them for over 20 years!  We have the experience to negotiate the best settlements, secure payments for you and to follow up throughout the process to make sure the agreement is completed.

If I were to enroll in the program, when will you start negotiating my debts?

This depends on a couple of things: The amount of funds you have accumulated in your settlement account.  Obviously, we cannot negotiate settlements on all of your accounts at one time. The creditor, collector or attorney we would be negotiating with.  Each is different and has different limits, etc.

Will my creditors continue to contact me?

The original creditor has the right to contact you, until such time as the debt has been transferred to a 3rd party for collection efforts. We will help put a stop to the calls and coach you on how to handle them as well. 

Do all of my creditors have to be included in the Debt Settlement program?

Although it usually make sense to include all of your unsecured debts, some people retain one credit account for emergency use. We will discuss your situation and work with you anyway you need.

How long will my Debt Settlement program last?

This depends on the amount of debt you have and your ability to contribute to your Settlement Reserve Account.   At Debt Relief, we offer programs that can fit within any budget and help eliminate your debts. We will work with you to create a program that specifically address your needs and objectives.

Can my Debt Settlement program be accelerated if extra funds become available?

Yes. Negotiations on your behalf will begin just as soon as funds are available and the creditor is ready to do so. Many consumers get out of debt earlier than expected after securing funds for negotiation.  There are no prepayment penalties for getting out of debt early and completing the program before the estimated time.

Will I be able to get credit in the future?


As we settle your enrolled debts your credit report will reflect a zero balance. As the Credit Bureaus update your accounts, your credit score will improve.  Of course this doesn't happen "over-night", but most of our clients were able to re-establish their good credit rating and qualify for a mortgage and obtain new credit cards within a few months of completing the program.

Will you repair my credit?

Debt Relief NW is not "credit repair" company!  But, we will help you make sure your credit report reflects what we have done!  We will help you open disputes with the major credit bureaus to correct errors on your report.  This process is done online and usually takes 45 days or so for your credit report to show the errors corrected or removed.

What types of debt can I consolidate?

You can only include unsecured debs into the program.  These includes credit card debts, department store debts, medical bills, finance company debts, unsecured personal loans, and possible re-possession accounts.  If we cannot help with one of your accounts, we will give advice and help point you in the right directon!