How to Stop Debt Collector Harassment

stop debt collection harrassmentDebt collector harassment can be stopped!

A consumer is protected from debt collector harassment by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).  Here are some FAQs about Debt Collector Harassment:

Here are just a few of the unlawful practices that are prohibited by the FDCPA:

A debt collector may not:
  • Call before 8am or after 9pm (your time zone)
  • Call you at work if you have told them you are not allowed to receive calls at work
  • Threaten any type of violence
  • use obscene or profane language
  • call many times a day
  • Disclose any information about your debt to a third party such as family or friends

A debt collector may not make false statements such as:

  • They cannot claim to be attorneys
  • They cannot pretend to represent the government
  • They cannot claim that have committed a crime by not paying or that  you could be arrested unless you pay

A debt collector cannot make threats such as:

  • they are going to seize your property or
  • garnish your wages unless they intend to take action or follow through with legal action

If you feel that a debt collector has violated the FDCPA, you can contact your state's attorney general's office and file a complaint.

For example, in Oregon, CLICK HERE.

You can also contact an attorney. The FDCPA states that if the debt collector has been found guilty, the debt collector has to pay your attorney fees

This means that an attorney can help end the harassing and unlawful conduct at no cost to you! 

The FDCPA also prohibits the debt collector from calling you again when you are represented by a lawyer.  The FDCPA also states that you may be entitled to up to $1000 in damages as a penalty for the debt collector’s violation of the law. 

If you feel like you are being harassed by your creditors, we can help you to eliminate that debt and get them off your back.  Give us a call at 1-877-492-4109 or click the link below for FREE information.

how to stop debt collector harassment



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