Can Anything Be Done to STOP COLLECTION CALLS?

stop collection calls

If you are behind on your payments to creditors, you can count on getting collections calls.  Can anything be done to stop the collection calls? YES


1. Know your rights

The Federal Trade Commission is an agency whose job is to protect consumers from unscrupulous and illegal activity by debt collectors.

You should download a copy of "Facts for Consumers".

2.  Keep a call log

If you are employed, and getting calls at work, most states authorize you to verbally request that the creditor cease calling you at work.  However, you need to keep a log of calls and your "cease and desist" request for future proof if needed.

3.  Get the collection company's name and address

If you have been getting many calls (some creditors call using an auto-dialer/computer), then you know how annoying it can be.

By getting the name of the company and the address, you can write a letter stating that even though you cannot make payments at this time, you intend to repay this debt.

For Example:

"I have been getting several calls daily from your company about my accountAlthough I cannot make any payments at this time, I fully intend to repay this debt as soon as my financial circumstances turn around."

"According the the FDCPA, I am requesting that you cease all calls to my home and/or cell phone."

"If these calls do not cease, I will be reporting your company to my state's Attorney General to begin legal action."

4.  Keep copies and use Certified Mail

Once you have written your letter, make a copy to keep for your records and mail it by CERTIFIED MAIL.  This way, you will have proof that they received the letter.

Most creditors will abide by your CEASE CALLING LETTER, but if you continue to get calls, you may want to go to your state's Attorney General's website and file a complaint.

For example, in Oregon, you would go to: OREGON CONSUMER COMPLAINT.

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