How to Stop Collection Calls

how to stop collection calls

If you have fallen behind on your credit card payments, you know just how annoying the debt collector calls can be. Some people are so bothered by creditor calls that they change their phone number or even disconnect their phone to get some peace and quiet. 

Although your creditors have the right to attempt to collect an unpaid debt, a creditor must do this within the limitations for the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCP).


  • Make frequent or harassing calls!  In other words, they cannot dial you you 10 times a day!
  • Call you at work!  If you are getting calls at work, it could jeapordize your job and your employer will certainly not think well of you!
  • Make threats of legal action without following through!  "If you don't send us money now, we will start a lawsuit against you".  Well, if they say it, they better start it, or you can file a complaint with your state attorney general.
  • Call family or friend and tell them you are  delienquent!  They can call a family member or friend in an attempt to get information about how they can contact you, but they cannot discuss your debt with them or mention your situation in any way!

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How To Stop Collection Calls

The best way to stop collection calls is to write a letter to the collector stating that you intend to pay your bill, but you cannot at this time.  Tell them that you are giving them legal notice according to the FDCPA to stop calling you immediately or you will report them to the attorney general.

It is best to mail the letter as registered mail so that you have proof that they received it.

After a collector receives the request in writing, they can only call you one more time to state they received it and what their intentions are in the future. If they call you again, it is time to to go online to your state attorney general's site and file a complaint.

You can try to simply fax the letter to the credior.  In most cases this will stop the calls, but legally the creditor does not have to stop without the written request by mail. In some cases, a creditor may honor you request by phone, but this doesn't happen often.

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