Debt and Marriage - Is it Mine, Yours, or Ours?

debt and marriageRemember Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams?  There is a part that shows two inanimate skeletons fighting over a necklace. Juni, one of the main characters takes the necklace for his own, and the skeletons wake up to find it.  When they finally get the necklace back, you see them fighting over it once more, each trying to prove, "It's mine!"  Money can be a person's favorite toy, even diamonds are a girl's best friend, but when you get married, sometimes the line becomes blurred as each spouse wonders what is mine, yours, and ours.  Money does not have to be a statistic for divorce, and here are some ways debt and marriage can work for you.

Pooling Debt

You have grown close to your money, and you want to keep it safe, and be responsible with it, so you opened up a bank account.  Now that you are married you wonder whether you should have a joint account or keep your accounts separate.  You can do both, and here is what each account will do for you.

  • Separate accounts-Before you got married, you both accumulated debt.  Now that you are married, you can both decide which debt you can help each other with, and which should remain your own.
  • Joint accounts--Set this account up for the debt you have accumulated together, and the debt that you decided that you can help each other with.

Savings Accounts

Life happens when we least expect it, so setting aside money--no matter how small--will add up quickly to deal with these issues.

  • First account--This can be used for car repairs, medical bills, sudden funeral costs, home repairs and replacements, and any other issues that might happen.
  • Second account--We all like to have fun, buy things like clothes and jewelry, and go places whether it is a vacation, to the movies, or out for dinner.

When you think of marriage things like love, a house, and children come to mind. Unfortunately, few people ever think of debt in the same equation. Debt and marriage requires work to be successful, and when you both put in the time, you will be one step closer to financial freedom and a long and happy marriage.

debt and marriage

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