The Importance of Debt Validation

Debt relief programs are rapidly increasing in popularity. When creditors are breathing down your back, you need someone to help you take care of the problem.  However, you want to make sure that you actually owe those debts before you pay them. This is when the process of Debt Validation becomes extremely important. Debt validation, in simple terms, is the process where a debt collector proves that you owe the debt they are trying to collect.

When a creditor is unable to collect the money owed to them, they will usually hire a collection agency to collect the money for them.  Often, the debt is actually sold to agencies and is considered “junk debt.” Junk debt is purchased by third parties for pennies on the dollar. These collectors often do not have the correct documentation to prove that the debt is really owed. This is why debt validation is important.

If these collection agencies cannot prove that you owe the debt, then you don't have to pay it.  You may have already paid off the debt, but the orriginal creditor did not notify the collection agency. Other times, the orriginal creditor has simply charged the debt off.

To complete a validation, you must ask a debt collector for proof of debt. This is done after a collector informs you of the debt. You have 30 days to request proof of the debt or the collection agency will assume that it is valid and continue in their collection efforts.  However, you can request a validation of the debt at any time. This process is designed to keep honesty in the debt collection industry.

Before you pay a debt that you are unsure of, complete the debt validation proccess. If the collection agency cannot provide proof that the debt is yours, you will not have to pay it! 

The proccess of Debt Validation is simple, and you can definitely do it yourself.  Use our FREE GUIDE to DIY Debt Validation by clicking on the link below, and get started today!


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