Debt Elimination Plan

debt elimination planWhat is the best debt elimination plan?

  • A new year
  • Too much unsecured, credit card debt
  • Time for a plan

The holidays are almost over and for most people, they find themselves with more credit card or other unsecured debt than they can handle.


Know exactly where you stand, financially.

The first step in any debt elimination plan is to take the time to complete a thorough BASIC HOUSEHOLD BUDGET.

Be honest with yourself!

If you are spending $100/month on stuff like:

  • Starbucks
  • Fast food
  • Video poker
  • other non-essential stuff

Maybe it is time to get tough on yourself and make some cuts!  If you are serious about eliminating debt, this is critical!

Attack the Credit Cards!


Are you serious about you Debt Elimination Plan?

Then it's time to destroy those cards!  Keeping those cards available will only lead to more debt.

The credit card industry preys on people by offering:

  • Easy credit
  • Low monthly payments
  • Earn "points" to be used to buy more stuff!

What they don't tell you is that if you only make the minimum payments due on the cards, you will most likely end up paying back 3-4 times the original amount you borrowed and may take you 10-15 years to do so!

Know what?

Each case will be different (that's why it is so important for you to complete the BASIC BUDGET WORKSHEET.

Let's say you have $25,000 of total credit card debt.  With the average credit card allowing you to only pay 2% of the balance, your total minimum payment would be $500/month.

Let's say you have $650 at the end of each month:


Although there are many "Snowball Plan Calculators" available online, the concept is simple:

Apply the extra $150 to the lowest balance while keeping up with the other card's minimum balances due.

Once this card is paid off (you'll be surprised to see how fast), then take the extra $150 PLUS the normal minimum balance you were paying on that card you just paid off PLUS the normal minimum payment on card #2 and apply to card #2.  

If you keep this going (always a total of $650/month), you will get these cards paid off in an average of 48 months or so and save thousand of dollars in interest and fees!


But, what if you don't have any extra money at the end of the month?  In fact, you can barely make the minimum payments now!

Then you are should seek the help of a Debt Management Company that can evaluate  (for FREE) your situation and recommend the proper program.

If you are serious about a Debt Elimination Plan, you will find a way to be DEBT FREE!



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Is it a good idea to put a medical bill on a credit card?

I have over $50,000 in medical bills that I paid with a credit card. Did I make a mistake?


After reading an article by a local newspaper writer, I acutally agreed, which is very seldom.

It seems the person was involved in an terrible auto accident and had no medical insurance.  After all was said and done, she owed over $50,000! Having no insurance, she decided to pay it with a credit card. Now, the credit card has raised it's interest rate and her credit score has declined as she has a terrible debt-income ration.

Some things to consider:

If she had not paid her bills with the credit card, she probably could have negotiated a much lower settlement amount!

Most medical providers are willing to take payments and in some cases, very small payments.

Most hospitals have charity programs that she may have qualified for. lf so, most of the bill could have been taken card of.

Now that she has paid the bill with the credit card, can she afford $1,000/month (approximately the 2% minimum payment due) each month?

Even if she can, how much will she actually pay if she pays it off?

Using one of several credit card calculators available, given the best case scenario that she could pay $1,000/month and never miss a payment, it would take her over 8 years and almost another $50,000 in interest to repay the card.

If she cannot afford the $1,000/month for 8 years and starts making only the minimum payments due (credit card company's nasty little gimmick), it could take her 86 years (according to the calculator) and almost $187,000 in additional interest!

She may need to consider filing for bankruptcy.  At any rate, she should consult a bankrutpcy attorney or a professional debt management company for more information.


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Debt Relief Solutions

Debt Relief Solutions

Finding debt relief solutions is not easy,  but not impossible.

Before we discuss various options to eliminate debt, it may be helpful to examine why you have too much debt.


Most consumers fall prey to the credit card industries tricks to charge outrageous interest rates and fees for the use of their cards. 

They make offers such as:

  • 0% interest
  • No interest for 6 months
  • Earn $$$ every time you use your card
  • Double flier miles with each purchase
  • No payments until…

But before long, you realize that the easy-to-make, minimum monthly payment is not even reducing the balance!  In fact, in many cases, after you make your minimum payment, your balance may actually increase.

What can you do?

Cut up all of your credit cards!  If you are serious about eliminating credit card debt, you have to stop the main problem…easy credit!

Determine what it would take to pay your credit card debt off in 12-24 months.  You can find several debt calculators online.

You will be amazed at how quickly you can pay off your card(s) and how much you will save just by adding an extra $25-$50 each month.

If you are in such a financial hardship that you can barely afford the minimum payment, and there is no way you could afford any more, then you should consider a Debt Management or Debt Settlement Program

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