Oregon Credit Repair

oregon credit repairLooking for Oregon credit repair?

Errors and inaccurate information on your credit report can cause your credit score to be lower than it should be.


1.  Take a close look at your credit report!

If you don't have a current credit report or if it has been a long time since you took a close look at it, you need to get an updated report.

Your credit report is constantly changing as creditors are reporting and or inquiring about your credit report.

You can get a FREE Credit Report by going to WWW.ANNUALCREDITREPORT.COM  This site will link you to all three of the major credit reporting agencies... Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

2.  Mark any items on the report that you need to dispute

Sometimes you will find items on your credit report that just shouldn't be there such as:

  • Paid off or settled accounts that still show a balance
  • Judgments that you have satisfied that still are showing a balance owed
  • Accounts that have been on the report for longer than the statute of limitations in your state
  • Inaccurate names or addresses
  • Accounts that are not yours (yes, this happens)

#3 Submit your dispute to each of the three credit reporting agencies

Write a letter to each credit bureau detailing your challenge and requesting that the item is removed or corrected.

You should also demand that the creditor reporting show a complete history of the debt (Fair Credit Reporting Act).

It usually takes 30 days or more for the credit bureaus to respond, so you may need to do a lot of follow up.  But DON'T GIVE UP!

Yes you can have incorrect or inaccurate information removed, but it will take time and effort!

If you would like help, please let us know!






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