Why will creditors settle my debts for less than what I owe?

settle my debts

Here's a great question that we get all of the time.

"Why would my creditors settle my debts for less?"

If you don't know mych about the process of Debt Settlement, you might be skeptical of the claims that your creditors are willing to significantly reduce your debt. It may be hard to believe at first, but it is TRUE! Through the debt negotiation process, creditors are willing to settle your debt for a substantially smaller amount than what you owe. (usually less than HALF of what you owe)

Why are they willing to settle your debts for less? It's very simple... To Get Paid! Your creditors would rather get some of your money than none of your money. It makes perfect sense. If you end of filing for bankruptcy, your creditors will not be able to collect any of the debt you owe them. So, if you’re behind in making your payments, your creditors are probably willing to listen to negotiation offers for settlement.

Your creditors have to make a decision to either settle your debt, or risk not collecting any money at all (in the event that you file bankruptcy). Debt Settlement is NOT too good to be true — it’s just basic economic sense for everyone involved.


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