What a Debt Collector Can and Cannot Do

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) clearly states what a debt collector may and may not do when contacting you in an attempt to collect a debt.  Harassment is the single most prohibitive action.  They cannot harass or use abusive language when speaking to you or when speaking to any third party that may be helping you.

For example:

  • A creditor is NOT permitted to contact you before 8am or after 9pm.
  • A creditor is NOT permitted to contact you at work after you have requested them not to by mail or fax.
  • A creditor is NOT permitted to use obscene or profane language when speaking to you.
  • A creditor is NOT permitted to make false statements, such as threatening to take actions that they cannot take or have not intention of pursuing.
  • A creditor is NOT permitted to use threats of violence.
  • A creditor is NOT permitted to publish a list of names of people who refuse to pay their debts.

If you feel a collector has violated your rights, you may contact your state Attorney General's office www.naag.org and the Federal Trade Commission www.ftc.gov.

To learn more about debt collection practices and your rights under the law, visit http://bit.ly/9SxgYF.  

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