Avoid Bankruptcy!

“I have too much credit card debt and not enough income! I don’t want to file for bankruptcy, but I don’t know what else to do. Are there any good alternatives to bankruptcy?”

Debt Relief

We get asked this question several times a day. The answer is YES! There are some great options available to help you avoid bankruptcy and get back on track.

If you are overwhelmed with too much credit card and other unsecured debts, you are not alone. With almost 1 out of 10 people unemployed and the economy in its worst condition since the Great Depression, thousands people who have always kept up with their debt payments in the past are in trouble and looking for answers.

Debt Management (formerly referred to as Credit Counseling) is a program designed to give the consumer one payment that is then distributed to each to the creditors enrolled in the program. The interest rates and fees are reduced and usually this type of program allows the creditor to be debt free in about 48 months.

Debt Management is a great option, however many people who are struggling financially cannot even keep up with this reduced monthly payment. In that case, more and more people are seeking help with their debt through Debt Settlement.

Most creditors are willing to accept a reduced payoff to accounts that are 180 days or more delinquent. This normally averages 50% of the balance and sometimes even less.

Most Debt Settlement Programs are designed to completely settle all of your debts in 36-48 months, depending on the total amount of debt, type of debt and what your budget will allow you to contribute.

If your financial circumstances won’t allow you to qualify for Debt Settlement, then you should seek the advice of a bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy should be your last option, but in many cases, it is the only and best option.

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