Does Debt Settlement Really Work?

If you are considering enrolling in a Debt Settlement Program, you may be asking yourself, "Does Debt Settlement really work?"

does debt settlement really work


There are several options available to help you get your debt under control, including:

  • Debt Management Program
  • Debt Settlement Program
  • Consolidation of Debt


While a Debt Management Program may be just the program you need, if you are having a tough time just keeping up with the minimum payments, you should consider a DEBT SETTLEMENT PROGRAM.

Some of the adantages of a Debt Settlement Program:

  • ONE monthly payment that is typically much less that what you are paying now.
  • Most debts can be negotiated at 50% or in some cases, much less.
  • A typical Debt Settlement Program will be about 36-48 months, depending on a number of factors.

So, the question you may be asking is, "Does Debt Settlement really work?"

Yes, if you fit the criteria for a Debt Settlement Program.  Many so-called "Debt Settlement Companies" only offer...Debt Settlement as the answer to anyone with debt problems.

Everyone should know that "one size does not fit all"!

Before you decide, it is critically important that you explore all of the options that are available to you.

But if after discussing your situation with a qualified, experience debt relief specialist, you deteremine that a Debt Settlement Program is what you need, you might want to ask for some proof of actual settlements.

Check out some of the actual settlements we have been able to negotiate for our clients:

Recent Settlements See what we have  done for our clients!

Successful negotiation of unsecured debt depends on several factors. 

For example, if you are retired and living on Social Security and/or a retirement income, both are 100% exempt from any garnishment or levy by a debt collector.  For these clients, settlements below 50% are possible.

Debt Settlement is really for those who are in a very bad financial situation.  Most prospects for a debt settlement program have had something happen in their lives that has caused them to get over their head with debt, such as:

  • Unemployment
  • Illness or disability
  • Death of a spouse or partner
  • Divorce

If you find yourself with too much debt and just not enough income, then you owe it to yourself to look into how debt settlement works and see if would work for you.


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Yes, Debt Settlement really does work!






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